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Problems during urination that needs attention

Problems during urination that needs attention

During pregnancy, women frequently feel painful urination. This could be due to a urinary tract infection, a vaginal infection, or another sexually transmitted disease. Dysuria (painful urination) is a treatable ailment if it is caused by typical reasons. The chances of getting a urinary tract infection increase with age and sexual activity. If you are having urinary problems, you should undergo a comprehensive checkup.

1. Vaginal infection with vaginal discharge, pain, stinging, or burning as urine passes over inflamed tissues.
2. Urinary tract infection, which causes blood to flow through the urine and is unpleasant.

The most common reasons of painful urination include bladder tumours, kidney stones, and urethral constriction. If you find blood in your urine, it is an indication that something is wrong and should not be ignored.

Hematuria is the medical term for this ailment, and some of the symptoms that can arise are as follows:
1. A kidney stone that is causing severe side and groyne discomfort
The second most common cause is blood clots in the kidneys.
3. Infections causing fever, nausea, painful urination, and stomach upset
4. Toxic or poisonous substances

Dehydration, diabetes, alcohol, water tablets for high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney sickness, or a high calcium level in the blood could all induce frequent urination with a larger amount of urine passed each time. Whatever the cause, an increase in urination should be thoroughly investigated and followed up on. Ask your health queries and easily discuss your concerns online wth Dr. Shivangi Pawar, by sending us a mail or dropping a message in our contact form. Take Care! Stay Healthy!