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Health Benefits of Soybean for Women

Health Benefits of Soybean for Women

Soybean is a nutrient-dense powerhouse that provides a lot of advantages and has been kept concealed for far too long. Aside from being the only vegetable protein that includes all of the essential amino acids for human health and well-being, soybean has numerous other advantages, including acting as an excellent foundation for a quick and safe weight-loss programme.

Women on a weight-loss diet need about 100 g of protein per day to combat hunger and build their best personal lean muscle shape while losing weight. Soy-protein shakes and fruit smoothies are a healthy and convenient way to lose weight rapidly and permanently. Soy is a protein source that is free of the toxic cholesterol and saturated fats found in animal protein sources. 

Soy contains Isoflavones that are plant-derived compounds having strong antioxidant properties. These chemicals help to repair and prevent cell damage caused by pollutants, sunlight, and normal physiological processes. Soy protein and isoflavones decrease LDL cholesterol and blood coagulation, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Soy's soluble fibre protects the body from a range of digestive-related cancers, including colon and rectal cancer. Its isoflavones may protect the body against hormone-related cancers like as breast, endometrial (uterine), and prostate cancer. Isoflavones function on cancer cells in the same way as many other cancer-fighting drugs do.

It helps to regulate oestrogen levels in the body when they are low or fluctuating, which helps to alleviate many menopausal and PMS symptoms. By managing glucose levels and renal filtration, soy protein and soluble fibre aid in the treatment of diabetes and renal disease. How can you overlook such a fantastic food source with so many health benefits? Ask your health queries and easily discuss your concerns online wth Dr. Shivangi Pawar, by sending us a mail or dropping a message in our contact form. Take Care! Stay Healthy!